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Powerworks Lda

Luanda, Angola

2009 – Present

Powerworks Lda is a privately-owned firm, serving the construction needs of Angola. Powerworks is a uniquely versatile company and a contractor of choice in the medical, retail, industrial and institutional markets.


Powerworks offers traditional general construction services with additional pre-construction services including:

  • Working with Owners and Architects during the design phase to ensure design and specified materials are within the construction budget.

  • Evaluation of the cost/benefit of construction types and location alternatives

  • Preliminary project budgeting

  • Detailed planning of the construction process Powermeds Lda, is a division of Powerworks Lda, which serves local hospitals and pharmacies with medication and medical equipment.


Eloh International

Pty Ltd

Johannesburg, South Africa

2016 – Present

Eloh International Pty Ltd, is a privately owned company based in Johannesburg South Africa.


Eloh International specialises in project design and procurement services based in Johannesburg South Africa. Eloh manages several projects ranging from Medical and Pharmaceutical care, to business consulting providing step by step direction and management to clients.


The Monaco Group LLC continues to provide financial and strategic support to Eloh International.

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